I live in San Francisco and my uncle, David, lives in SW DC.  He is almost 90 and for the most part in good shape—both mentally and physically, although he suffers from macular degeneration.  I noticed during my last visit that Uncle David does not go through his mail regularly and there are papers all over his apartment.  He just cannot see to keep on top of all of the bills.  Can TrustEd Champions help Uncle David with the paper chaos and make sure his bills are paid on time?

Certainly. We will be glad to help David review his incoming mail and help him pay his bills. We will do a full analysis of the paper that is currently in his house to determine what needs to be retained and shred the remaining documents, with David’s concurrence.  Please remember TrustEd Champions does not have the authority to sign David’s checks however, we can complete the checks for his signature and record the transactions in his checkbook ledger. And, if you and David agree, we can provide you a monthly report on his spending plan, available assets, and over balance sheet.  A subscription service of 4-6 hours a month will probably keep David on track and give you some peace of mind that his bills are paid timely.  

My mom has a large home in Capitol Hill that is well over 100 years old.  Unfortunately, her home has a number of issues—a substantial leak in the front bedroom and the fixtures in all of the bathrooms need to be replaced.  I live in upstate New York and I cannot fly to DC to help her choose a contractor/contractors to assist with the repairs. Can you be with my mom when she meets with the contractors and help her decide who she should select to complete the work?   

We will be more than happy to assist your mother interview the contractors, review the contracts, and be in her home when the work is completed. Actually, it may be a good idea if your mom takes a long lunch and a movie with one of her friends while TrustEd oversees the work and makes sure her personal possessions are secure.  

My husband passed away in October and unfortunately my children do not have the time to help me sort through his clothes and other personal items that he stored in the basement and the attic.  I need help!  Sorting through his things is not only exhausting physically, but it's so emotionally draining.  And, there are certain things that my kids want, which belonged to my husband, that I cannot pack and ship to them on my own. I need to move forward and tackle this project but I’m stuck. Can TrustEd Champions help me?

TrustEd Champions will be honored to work with you and help you make the best decisions regarding the transfer of your husband’s personal effects to your children. We can also find a home for his clothing that will honor his memory.  Sorting through your spouse’s clothing is challenging emotionally. TrustEd Champions will work with you and respect your grieving process. We can get this accomplished—together.

Next year I’m planning to move to a retirement community.  Before I move I need to prepare a new written medical directive, trust documents and establish a small educational endowment at my alma mater.  In addition, I will need to have surgery on my knee in two months.  I have no children and my sister lives in Connecticut and is not able to travel.  I can call on my neighbors and my church however, I need someone to serve as my sounding board and confidant as I make these decisions.  Are you available to help me work through these issues?

Absolutely.  TrustEd Champions is a perfect partner to help you through these issues.  We will identify and recommend an appropriate legal representative to focus on your medical directive, trust documents, and serve as the interface between you and the university regarding the endowment.  If your physician anticipates the need for personal care assistance after your surgery we can identify the best firm to provide those services.  And, after you have fully recovered, we can work on downsizing your property, prepare legacy documents and identify three vetted realtors for us to interview regarding the sale of your property.  Throughout the entire process, the TrustEd team will be your trusted advocate.