Services include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Accompany clients to medical and legal appointments, and serve as a second set of “eyes and ears” and provide a written synopsis of the discussions/recommendations to the appropriate parties
  • Track medical appointments and reschedule appointments, when necessary
  • Research and recommend home healthcare professionals and serve as the liaison between the senior/family member and the service provider
  • Identify the best long-term care options, if needed, based upon financial considerations and required amenities
  • Work with a nutritionist to establish appropriate meal plans and/or food delivery services
  • Arrange transportation services and accompany clients to visit relatives/friends and other social outings
  • Serve as the medical power of attorney, executor or guardian (TrustEd Champions cannot, however Ed Peterman can serve in this capacity)
  • Weekly visits to check on the overall vitality of the household
  • Identify free and low-cost services provided by local government agencies, and other senior community partners, and coordinate the utilization of those resources


  • Perform property reviews to identify safety and security issues
  • Oversee general property management issues, including structural accessibility improvements (e.g. stairlifts, walk-in bathtubs, handrails, etc.) and be present when contractors are onsite
  • Coordinate downsizing, rightsizing, and relocation projects
  • Secure household supplies, prescription drugs, and groceries


  • Catalog assets and personal effects for estate planning purposes
  • Coordinate and lead legacy projects
  • Organize monthly bills in a timely manner to prevent overdraft and late charges
  • Assist in protecting seniors from financial abuse and identity theft
  • Track doctor, pharmacy, and medical bills to determine applicable insurance coverage
  • Assist fiduciaries with estate settlements, distribution and removal of personal property, and prepare real property for sale
  • Collect written directives, trust documents, wills, power of attorney statements and work with the client, through an attorney, to make necessary changes