The professional service provided by Ed Peterman and his associates in performing a property analysis on our home was invaluable. We will be able to better ensure my mother’s safety and comfort while she lives with us. A much needed reality check delivered with compassion and competence.
— Lori C.
I have known Ed for many years and when he opened his business, I enthusiastically became one of his first clients. In a short period of time, Ed resolved multiple issues that I had in a professional and emphatic manner. I’m glad he’s on my side, and by my experience. I can attest that you can indeed TrustEd!
— Bob D.
After a catastrophic auto accident, the hospital and doctor bills were coming in left and right. Ed organized the bills from multiple medical providers, determined the correct insurance co-payments and resolved billing discrepancies between the medical providers and the insurance companies. Ed also accompanied me to doctors’ visits, asked relevant questions of the medical personnel, and provided a written record of the action items I needed to focus on after the visits.
— Daniel G.
Being the primary caregiver for my elderly mother, who has significant dementia and physical disabilities, has been oftentimes overwhelming. Ed Peterman broke down the priorities of dealing with the situation in a logical, sequential, and effective way. With Ed’s assistance, we’ve been able to optimize the quality of my mother’s life while maximizing her safety, health, and financial viability. Ed combines competence and compassion in a way I have rarely observed. Thanks to Ed, I am now more able to focus on enjoying time spent with my mother in her last years instead of constantly worrying. What a relief.
— Lyle M.